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Casino La Vegas - online casino gives you more than 15 casino games to strike it rich!

To get a specified combination of objects, shown on the slot machine and win loads of money.

Slot machines are simple to play and give the most generous payoffs on the Internet. Player can bet anywhere between 1 and 5, per pull. Jackpot pays 300 times the amount the player has bet.

The amount BET and WON can be seen on the machine besides the total Credit amount available with the player.

Select the BET amount by clicking BET ONE (till a maximum of 5) and SPIN the slot drum. The player may directly select maximum BET amount (5) or CREDIT amount in the Slot machine (which ever is lower) and the drum starts spinning.

"DISCONNECT" helps the player to discontinue playing temporarily. We recommend players to DISCONNECT every time they leave their game, though for a short time, to avoid another player accessing your account.

"EXIT" helps the player to quit the game.

The account of money transaction during the game will be maintained and it will be carried forward to the next game the player plays or the next time the player comes to play any of the games, once the player EXITs the game. (This facility is available for games played with REAL MONEY and not included in DEMO VERSION.)

Besides this, to facilitate beginners, there is also an ongoing help, above the drum.

Payout as per table on the machine.